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Kingdom Of Saudi Arabia Ministry Of Foreign Affairs Authorised Umrah Agent
Kingdom Of Saudi Arabia Ministry Of Haj Authorised Agent

Umrah is one of the most righteous and highly recommended action in Islam and Muslims around the world gives great significance to the lesser pilgrimage. Even though this type of pilgrimage is not obligatory like the pilgrimage of Hajj, Muslims give much value to this pilgrimage due to the many rewards that can be gained by performing it. Umrah can be undertaken at any time of the year by leaving for the holy city of Makkah, millions of Muslims reach the city all year round, to collect virtues and also, be lucky enough to have visited the Holy Kaabah. Yet, due to not applying in the right manner for the Umrah and not getting visas, passports, tickets or hotel reservations, a lot of people are unable to go for Umrah. To assist out all such matters and make it simpler for interested people to perform Umrah, AL Noor Travel has now commenced its Umrah packages 2015 which would help a lot of people travel to the city of Makkah and perform Umrah. These packages choice wide in the service that they tender and are designed to conform the expectations of not just budget travelers but also the luxury travelers.


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